For a few years now, CIRED has tried to favor more sustainable practices in its organization of conferences, workshops, and committee meetings. While keeping the same quality standards, our team works on making our events greener.


  • Reducing of material orders to the strict minimum
  • Preference for biodegradable or eco-friendly material (pens, pads, lanyards, badges, bags)
  • Preference for superior-quality material
  • Arrangements with associations to collect and reuse unused material
  • Recycling of the carpet used in our exhibition
  • Use of textile panels for Premium booths in our exhibition
  • Reducing of single-use printed paper (event guide, programme, etc.)


  • Meetings in cities and locations easily accessible by train for most participants
  • Choice of conference centers reachable with public transportation from the airport and city center
  • Providing of coaches for transportation to gala dinner locations
  • Free public transportation pass for the duration of the conference
  • Compensation of CO2 emissions of the organizing team’s journey to the conference


  • Preference for local providers
  • Preference for the most sustainable provider
  • Water fountains available when possible
  • Glass water bottles on stages and at meetings when possible
  • Reusable or recyclable dishes and cutlery when possible
  • Arrangements for waste reductions with local associations when possible

Want to help us work towards a better future? Don’t hesitate to contact us and suggest more sustainable ways in which we could work.